are michael kors watches good

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Build Quality: The build quality of Michael Kors watches isgoodfeaturing reliable Japanese-made movements,and both gold and silver and stainless steel bodies. Many of the Michael Kors watches are also water-resistant to as much as 100m ratings.

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  • Where can I buy a Michael Kors watch?

  • You have lots of watches to choose from therein 鈥?from traditional wristwatches with the analog display to their new smartwatches. You can also choose from over a thousand of Michael Kors watches in Amazon.

  • Are Fossil watches better than Michael Kors?

  • When comparing these two watch brands in general, Fossil takes the win, due to its overall preferred quality and movement design when compared to Michael Kors. Moreover, Fossil watches are also often cheaper then Michael Kors watches which makes them more affordable as well.

  • Who does Michael Kors usually compete with?

  • As such, Michael Kors usually compete with Tory Burch, Burberry, and Kering. When it comes to their watches, they have been remarkably successful at selling watches. Part of that success is their social media strategy, they have excelled where traditional watch companies have lagged behind.

  • Is Michael Kors a high-end brand?

  • In terms of fashion, Michael Kors is, without a doubt, considered as one of the top brands. This high-end brand offers various fashion items such as ready-to-wear (RTW), bags, accessories, and more. Its products are luxurious and look extraordinary. As such, Michael Kors usually compete with Tory Burch, Burberry, and Kering.


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