can a smart watch read blood pressure

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  • Can a smartwatch measure your blood pressure?

  • This watch comes with an inflatable wristband that is able to measure your blood pressure, which is called an 鈥渙scillometric鈥?measurement. It鈥檚 the only smartwatch out there that I personally know of that has an inflatable wristband and the company aims to be medically accurate as well.

  • How accurate is the heart rate on a smartwatch?

  • A smart watch usually reads the blood flow. For this reason, the manufacturers usually include sensors in the pulse Smartwatch. We may know the oxygen saturation as well. Here, the accuracy of the heart rate depends on the functionality of those sensors. Your workouts and other activities impact the heart rate as well.

  • What are the benefits of wearing a smartwatch?

  • It can measure your heart rate and the oxygen levels in your blood. Besides it having sensors for doing blood pressure measurements, it can also monitor your heart rate and be used as a pedometer. It can work as a remote control camera of your phone and the watch can be fully charged in 4 hours.

  • What are the best blood pressure watches?

  • In the past, measuring your blood pressure would require a visit to the doctor 鈥?but today, it鈥檚 as simple as strapping on an activity tracker or smartwatch. Here are some of the best and most affordable blood pressure watches that will help you on your fitness journey. 1. YAMAY Smart Watch 2. FITFORT Fitness Tracker 3.


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