can my apple watch take my blood pressure

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  • How many blood pressure readings can I get from my Apple Watch?

  • It can store up to 100 readings in the device and unlimited readings in the AD Connect app. Connect the blood pressure monitor to your Apple Watch via Bluetooth to monitor your health. It’s well known that regular exercise can help your heart stay strong and healthy.

  • How to check blood pressure on Apple Watch with Qardio?

  • How to Check Blood Pressure on Apple Watch 1 Pair Apple Watch with your iPhone. 2 Open Watch app on your iPhone. Make sure you have the Qardio App installed. 3 From the My Watch tab, scroll down until you find the Qardio App. 4 Tap the Qardio App from the list. 5 Toggle on Show App on Apple Watch . See More….

  • Can a smartwatch measure your blood pressure?

  • The smartwatch isn’t equipped to measure your blood pressure alone, but there are tools and devices you can pair it with it that can — usually wireless monitors that connect to your iPhone ($899 at Amazon) or Apple Watch and come with an arm cuff and their own app.

  • What is the Health app on my Apple Watch?

  • The Health app on your Apple Watch is a convenient way to sync your blood pressure data in one place on a device that’s always with you.


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