can my apple watch take my blood pressure

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Cannot take a blood pressure reading

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  • How many blood pressure readings can I get from my Apple Watch?

  • It can store up to 100 readings in the device and unlimited readings in the AD Connect app. Connect the blood pressure monitor to your Apple Watch via Bluetooth to monitor your health. It’s well known that regular exercise can help your heart stay strong and healthy.

  • Can you measure blood pressure with a smartwatch?

  • The smartwatch isn’t equipped to measure your blood pressure alone, but there are tools and devices you can pair it with it that can — usually wireless monitors that connect to your iPhone ( $899 at Amazon) or Apple Watch and come with an arm cuff and their own app. These devices will automatically sync the data with your Apple Watch’s health app.

  • Can I use a Wireless BP monitor with Apple Watch?

  • Not all wireless bp monitor has an app for Apple Watch. So you have to be a little more careful about which one you get, provided your priority is to use it from the watch. In terms of accuracy and performance, upper-arm-based monitors work better than those wrist-based. This is another key thing to keep in mind.

  • How accurate will the Apple Watch Series 8 be in monitoring hypertension?

  • Relying on an external inflatable cuff device will ensure that the readings are accurate and reliable when monitoring hypertension. The Apple Watch Series 8 will most probably include a sensor-based blood pressure monitoring feature.


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