can watching movies make you smarter

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  • How does watching movies affect the brain?

  • Watching movies affects the brain. A recent study by New York University neuroscientists has found that watching certain films affects brain activity more than others.

  • Which 8 movies will test how smart you are?

  • 8 Movies That Increase Your IQ – #5 Will Test How Smart You Are 1. 鈥淧i鈥?(1998) 2. 鈥淎 Beautiful Mind鈥?(2001) 3. 鈥淧rimer鈥?(2004) 4. 鈥淕ood Will Hunting鈥?(1997) 5. Memento (2000) 6. 鈥淭he Imitation Game鈥?(2014) 7. 鈥淟imitless鈥?(2011) 8. 鈥淚nside Out鈥?(2015)

  • Do you watch movies to learn about business?

  • Besides documentaries and programs like the news, you can watch the occasional movie like the following eight films. I鈥檝e found that these movies have not only peaked my interest in new subject matters, they鈥檝e also provided some valuable life and business lessons. 8. 鈥淚nside Out鈥?(2015)

  • How to increase intelligence by watching TV and movies?

  • You can even increase your intelligence by watching TV and movies from time-to-time. Of course, you have to be discriminating in which shows and movies to view. Educational content like documentaries and current affairs programs are your best options since they may improve your general knowledge and conversational repertoire.


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