can you use samsung watch with iphone

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  • Can you use a Samsung smartwatch with an iPhone?

  • While it might seem silly for an iPhone user to have a Samsung smartwatch, Samsung has supported this for years. Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Watch companion app, iPhone owners can use a Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and other Samsung watches with their Apple-branded handset.

  • Does the Samsung Galaxy Watch active work with iOS?

  • 20 Feb 2019. Best Answer: Yes, the Galaxy Watch Active works with iOS. You will need at least an iPhone 5 or newer device running iOS 9.0 and later. Even though it is compatible, the features that are available when connected to an iPhone are limited. For best results, you’ll want to connect the Galaxy Active with a Samsung Galaxy device.

  • Can I use my Galaxy Watch 3 with an iPhone?

  • You cannot fully explore the features of your Galaxy Watch 3 if you are using it along with an iPhone; this is the same for other Galaxy Watches such as Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active 2. Now let us have a look into the features that are restricted for iPhone users,

  • How do I connect a Galaxy Watch to an iPhone?

  • Turn on the watch and open the Galaxy Watch app: Tap OK START THE JOURNEY Galaxy Watch, and wait for it to pair. If the watch doesn’t connect, make sure it’s compatible with iPhone. Some Samsung watches, like Galaxy Watch 4, don’t work with iPhone. This article explains how to connect a Galaxy Watch to an iPhone.


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