can you watch movies on twitch

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  • What kind of movies and TV shows can I watch on Twitch?

  • Twitch is owned by Amazon. So it only makes sense that its own video streaming platform is where the movies and TV shows come from for Watch Parties. If it鈥檚 available on Prime Video though, it can be streamed live to your community. This includes hit series from Prime Video like The Boys, or any other popular TV shows or movies.

  • What can you stream on Twitch if you don’t have Netflix?

  • So, what can you stream on Twitch if Netflix is out of the question? Through the new Twitch Watch Party, you and your viewers (who subscribe to Amazon Prime) can watch movies and TV shows available through Amazon Prime Video. This may limit your options, but Amazon does have an ok selection of shows and movies to pick from.

  • Who can see my stream on Twitch?

  • Anyone on Twitch can view your stream including Watch Parties. The most you can do is make your stream subscribers-only but for that, you need to gain at least 50 followers.

  • Can you watch TV with friends on Twitch?

  • Of course it doesn鈥檛 have to be movies, you can also watch TV with your favorite creators on Twitch. It seems like a weird thing to offer, but think of it like a virtual movie theater. Or a get-together with friends to watch a TV series you鈥檙e currently into. Just digitally. The new feature is called Watch Parties.


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