can you watch movies on twitch

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  • Is it legal to stream movies on Twitch?

  • Currently, you can only stream TV shows and movies on Twitch through the Watch Parties feature. Otherwise, you must own the copyright or secure express permission to stream any movie or TV show through Twitch.

  • Can you watch YouTube videos on Twitch?

  • Twitch creators can watch a YouTube video on their streams if they do so under fair use rules. Fair use refers to providing extra value to copyrighted material through valid reactions and new takes on the content.

  • What can Twitch streamers watch on Amazon Prime?

  • Twitch streamers with a Prime Video or Amazon Prime account can watch series, movies, and other content available on both platforms. Streamers can share content from these platforms to viewers through a dedicated Twitch feature called Watch Parties.

  • Can You stream anime on Twitch?

  • The only kind of anime TV shows you can stream on Twitch must be available on Amazon Prime or Prime Video. Otherwise, you need to hold special rights that allow you stream content unavailable through Amazon Prime. However, viewers keen on anime content through Twitch can find several streamers with permissions to publish such entertainment.


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