do i need to watch skyfall before spectre

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Skyfallis perhaps the most important James Bond movie to watch before No Time To Die if one wants to understand who James Bond is as a person. Spectre(2015) If audiences were to watch any one James Bond movie before No Time To Die, it would need to be Spectre.

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  • Can I watch no time to die without watching Spectre?

  • Not watching Spectre would likely be problematic for watching No Time To Die. Spectre ends with Bond driving away with Swann, and the first shot of the No Time To Die trailer sees the two in a car together, appearing to be in a heated argument as they are under attack by men with guns.

  • What makes Skyfall so special?

  • Skyfallcan be thought of as the start of phase two of Craig鈥檚 Bond. Ben Whishaw鈥檚 Q, Ralph Fiennes鈥?M and Naomie Harris鈥?Moneypenny all make their first appearances, all of whom are set to return in No Time To Die. Skyfall

  • Is Skyfall a prequel to Casino Royale?

  • The Craig films aren’t a prequel, they are a total reboot. The first two films (Casino Royaland Quantum of Solace) make a bigger proposition of linking the narratives together, but Skyfallis a direct continuation from this film.

  • Is the Spectre movie worth watching?

  • But the opening action scene is excellent, and the film is worth watching for the relevance it might have to No Time To Die. Spectre $14.99 Buy Now on Amazon If You Want Extra Credit


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