how do i unzoom my apple watch

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On your iPhone,in the Watch app,go to:My Watch General Accessibility Accessibility Shortcut (at the bottom) select /deselect Zoom. With Zoom (an accessibility feature) enabled on your Apple Watch,double-tapping the screen with two fingers activates and deactivates a magnified view on the display:

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  • How do I use Zoom on Apple Watch?

  • Open the Settings on your Apple Watch and select Accessibility. Tap Zoom and turn on the Zoom toggle. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select Accessibility. Tap Zoom and turn on the Zoom toggle. Double-tap your Apple Watch face to zoom in or zoom out. This article explains how to use Zoom on Apple Watch to enlarge your screen.

  • Why does my Apple Watch keep zooming in?

  • If your Apple Watch keeps zooming in, this post will teach you how to fix it for good. The Zoom feature on your Apple Watch is a helpful accessibility feature if you have a visual impairment. However, if you don’t need to enlarge your watch’s display, you can turn Zoom off.

  • How do I limit magnification on my Apple Watch?

  • To limit magnification, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap My Watch, go to Accessibility Zoom, then drag the Maximum Zoom Level slider. Helpful? Please don鈥檛 include any personal information in your comment.

  • How to turn off Zoom on MacBook Air?

  • If it doesn’t return to normal, then go to: Apple / System Preferences / Displays and select the native resolution for your monitor. Open system preferences, Universal Access, and under the Seeing tab make sure the zoom option is off. That will stop the Universal Access Zoom feature, but it will not disable the Mouse or Trackpad Zoom features.


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