how many tvs can watch sling

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How many people can watch Sling TV at once depends on which subscription package you have. If you have Sling Orange or Sling Blue,which start at $30 a month,you can watch Sling on one device at any given time. If you have the advanced Orange +Blue plan,which starts at $45 a month,you can stream Sling TV on up tofourdevices at once.

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  • Can I watch Sling TV on more than one TV?

  • If you subscribe to the Orange plan, you can only watch Sling TV on one screen at a time. For instance, Sheila, you could watch Sling on the family鈥檚 living room TV, but your kids and husband could not watch the live streaming service on any other TV or device during that time.

  • What devices does Sling TV support?

  • Sling TV supports all Chromecast devices. Chromecast gives you a simple way to stream live TV from Sling onto the big screen. Sling TV supports Android TVs that run OS 5 and higher.

  • Is Sling TV worth the money?

  • 鈥淪ling TV offers a comparative advantage in pricing over YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV,鈥?Clark says, 鈥淧articularly if you鈥檙e good with just the Orange or the Blue package. It would save you quite a bit of money over the course of a year.鈥?/div>4 Things To Know Before You Sign Up for Sling TV – Clark

  • How do I get Sling TV on my Android TV?

  • Once your Android TV or smartphone is set up, download the Sling TV app and log into your account. That鈥檚 it. That鈥檚 all. You鈥檙e done. Now go watch TV.


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