how many viewers watch the super bowl 2021

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96.4 million

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  • How many people watched the Super Bowl in 2020?

  • How many Super Bowl TV Viewers were there in 2020? There were only 99.9 million Super Bowl TV viewers in 2020 compared to 2018鈥檚 103.4 million, but it is up from 2019鈥檚 98.2 million.

  • How many viewers watched the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl 2021?

  • That was a 6% increase over the 95.2 million TV viewers who saw the Tampa Bay Bucs crowned as champions in 2021, the Nielsen company said on Tuesday.

  • How did the Chiefs鈥?Super Bowl viewership numbers compare to 2021?

  • In 2021, the Chiefs didn鈥檛 even score 10 total points in the Super Bowl. The difference in interest in the two games showed in the viewership numbers. After a delay in the release of Nielsen figures that caused many industry observers to fear that the Super Bowl LV viewership numbers would fall far short of Super Bowl LIV, they did.

  • What is the most watched Super Bowl in history?

  • The most-watched Super Bowl ever remains the 2015 game between New England and Seattle, which had 114.4 million viewers. Last year’s slip gave rise to some thinking that the NFL wasn’t immune to the overall drop in audience that afflicts virtually all television programs, but this year the NFL defied that gravity.


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