how many viewers watched football last night

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  • How many viewers watch Monday Night Football?

  • Monday Night Football averaged 11.8 million viewers in the United States during the 2020 NFL regular season, an decrease of around 300 thousand viewers on the previous year.

  • What is the most watched NFL game on TV?

  • As with Monday Night Football, the average number of viewers of Thursday Night Football also decreased during the 2020 NFL season. However, Sunday Night Football consistently remains the most viewed television show in the United States, with other NFL broadcasts also featuring high in the ranking every ear.

  • How many viewers watched the NFL games in Week 9?

  • The FOX broadcast finished with a 12.6 rating, one of its best numbers of the year, and it averaged a whopping 24.37 million viewers. Here are the full ratings and viewership numbers for the primetime games in Week 9.

  • Is NFL viewership skyrocketing this fall?

  • After seeing its viewership drop during the 2020 season, the National Football League is faring much better this fall. Since the regular season began, ratings and viewership are skyrocketing across all major networks entering Week 5.


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