how should i watch star wars

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View the films in the order they were released for the original experience. If you want the authentic experience of seeing the films in their original order, watch them in the order that they were released. This is considered by many fans to be the best method for viewingthe StarWarsfilms, but there are several downsides.

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  • How to watch Star Wars in order?

  • Here is how to watch Star Wars in order, whichever order you choose. The most obvious answer is theatrical release order, since this is how the movies were shown and what George Lucas intended. It starts with the original trilogy, then takes us back to the prequel movies, before finishing with Disney’s sequel films.

  • What is the best way to start watching Star Wars?

  • Start by viewing the original trilogy. Starting with 1977鈥檚 A New Hope and ending with 1983鈥檚 Return of the Jedi, view the original trilogy first. The original films are considered to be classics by critics and fans alike, and starting with the iconic Luke Skywalker鈥檚 storyline is an excellent way to begin the series.

  • Can I rewatch the Star Wars movies and shows?

  • No worries – just follow our watch guide below. There are many ways you can revisit the Star Wars saga. You can watch the movies and shows by release date order or in chronological order, for instance. There鈥檚 also a lesser-known Machete Order – which takes a machete to The Phantom Menace by cutting it out of your rewatch.

  • What is the first Star Wars movie you should watch?

  • If you could care less about light sabers, Jedis, and Ewoks, watch the very first movie, Episode IV: A New Hope.


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