how to charge citizen eco drive watch

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How can you verify the charge on your citizen eco drive watch? Verify the watch鈥檚 charge level. The watch鈥檚 rechargeable battery can be charged by simplyexposing it to sunlight. To charge the watch, expose the dial to sunlight regularly.

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  • Are Citizen Eco Drive watches any good?

  • There is something cool about the Citizen Eco Drive Watch collection. These watches have the ability to go on and on, without the need of a change of battery. This is all made possible due their batteries being able to be charged by sunlight. No matter how many times I talk about it or see it in action, it is still pretty awesome.

  • How to charge an Eco Drive watch properly?

  • 1. Wear the Watch on a Sunny Day. If you wear an Eco Drive watch daily, then you will have no problem keeping your watch fully charged all time. Going in the sunlight will be able to give the battery a boost over the days that you wear it.

  • How do I recharge my Citizen Eco-Drive timepiece?

  • If you wear your new Citizen Eco-Drive timepiece on a regular basis, recharging will be virtually automatic as regular exposure to light will keep your power reserve unending. Recharge times will vary based on your timepiece and the type of light utilized; direct sunlight is the fastest, most efficient light source for recharging.

  • How do I charge my citizen solar-powered watch?

  • The watch will not return to normal functioning until fully charged. Charge your Citizen with a light bulb. Citizen solar-powered watches can be charged by placing them under a fluorescent light around 6 inches from the light source. This will fully charge the watch in 22 hours.


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