how to get ig on apple watch

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  • How do I get Instagram on my Apple Watch?

  • How Do I Get Instagram on My Apple Watch? Now, open the app and tap 鈥楲ogin to Instagram鈥?and here, you will get 鈥淟ens is not installed on the watch!鈥?message. Tap on OK and move to Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Note: If you had installed and removed Lens for Watch earlier (before April 2018), you will not get any message (as mentioned above)

  • How do I use my Apple Watch?

  • How to use your Apple Watch. Learn how to use the Digital Crown, side button, and gestures. Press to see the watch face or Home screen. Double-click to return to the last app. Press and hold to use Siri. Turn to zoom, scroll, or adjust what’s on the screen. On Apple Watch Series 2 or later,* turn to unlock the screen during a swimming workout.

  • How to see who liked your Instagram on Apple Watch?

  • Launch the Instagram app on your Watch and tap Feed. Below each photo is a button for liking and one for getting more details. Tap on the More Details button and you will be taken to the details screen, which shows you how many likes and comments the photo has, and allows you to tap a button to view the profile of the friend who posted it.

  • How to get notifications on Apple Watch?

  • To use the same notification settings on your Apple Watch and iPhone, tap Mirror my iPhone. Some apps allow you to customize your notifications. When you customize, you can choose from these options: Allow Notifications: Notifications appear in Notification Center and your Apple Watch alerts you.


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