how to remove back from watch

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How to Remove a Watch BackingUsing Your Thumbnail or a Razor Blade to Remove Simple BackingsTry your thumbnail on cheap, simplistically-designed watches. Some watch backings can be opened by prying open a…Locate your watch’s hinge. On simple watches, the hinge will look like a small indentation along the edge of the…Insert your thumbnail underneath the backing hinge and lift. As you…See More….

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  • How to remove watch back without tools?

  • Learn how to remove watch back without tools in the video below. To open the back of a screw off watch type, you first need to secure the watch in place. Once you have done that, you need to operate the Jaxa wrench or case wrench so that the wrench can get hold to two or more of the watch鈥檚 notches.

  • How do you remove the back of a pocket watch?

  • With your fingers above the knife, gently push the knife down with the palm of your hand. With enough pressure, the back will separate from the case. When that happens, you can remove the watch from the clamp and use the knife to pry the back off the watch.

  • How to open a watch鈥檚 back?

  • Opening such kind of watch鈥檚 back are easy. On the downside, it would be tough to open if you don鈥檛 have the proper tools. In most cases, you will need a JAXA WRENCH or a CASE WRENCH to open it. In case if you don鈥檛 have the tools. Learn how to remove watch back without tools in the video below.

  • How do you remove debris from a watch?

  • Debris that gets into the watch mechanism may damage it irreparably. Inspect your watch back. If there are screws holding the back in place, use your watch screwdriver to undo them. Turn the screws in a counterclockwise direction to remove, and keep them in a safe place.


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