how to remove links on a watch band

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How to Remove Links from Watch BandMeasure the watch band.Gather your tools.Prepare your work area.Separate the bracelet.Choose which link you are going to remove…. (more items)See More….

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  • How do I remove the links from my watch?

  • Remove or add inks closest to the clasp first and work your way up the band. As you go further toward the face of the watch, the links might not have pins. The pieces without pins can鈥檛 be removed.

  • How do you remove the pin from a watch band?

  • Some watch bands contain small metal ferrules in the middle of joining links that will be released when you take out a pin. It may fall onto the floor or work station, so keep an eye out for it. You will need it later. Remove the link’s second pin. Repeat the pin removal process on the link’s other pin.

  • How do I close the band on my watch?

  • Tap the link against a tabletop or workbench to secure it firmly in place. Close the band when it’s the desired length. You can close the band by placing a pin through the hole that exists where the open ends of the watchband links meet. Tap the link against a workbench to secure it firmly in place.

  • How to fix a broken watch link?

  • Insert the pin pusher into the hole and push the pin firmly. Once you鈥檝e pushed the pin enough, it will pop out. Use pliers to remove it together with the link. Repeat the steps until you鈥檝e removed the number of desired links. Watch repair kits usually come with a watch holder.


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