how to set a armitron watch

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If you need to set an Armitron digital watch,start byholding the Set or Reset button until the watch beeps,which should take about 3 seconds. Once you hear the beep,you can use the Mode button on the bottom right side to cycle through the hour,minutes,day,and date displays.

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  • How to set time on Armitron digital watch?

  • Here is how to set time on armitron digital watch. Step 1: Long Press the Reset Button to initiate Make a long press and hold the armitron watch reset button for 2-4 seconds. Wait until it makes a beep sound and some numbers flash or show on the display screen. Step 2: Press the Mode button to select hour, minute, day, date

  • How do I use the St/STP button on my Armitron watch?

  • Locate the St/Stp button on the top right side of the Armitron watch. Whenever you want to change a value, press the button until you reach the right number. If you need to reach an earlier time or day, keep pressing the button until it cycles over.

  • What is the difference between analog and digital Armitron watches?

  • Armitron digital watches use buttons to change the time and date, while analog watches use a rotating crown piece. Once you set your Armitron watch, you won’t lose track of the time again!

  • What are the features of the Armitron all-sport watch?

  • The Armitron All-Sport watch uses a conventional analog display, features a calendar mode, and is able to display time in 12-hour or 24-hour formats.


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