how to set a armitron watch

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If you need to set an Armitron digital watch,start byholding the Set or Reset button until the watch beeps,which should take about 3 seconds. Once you hear the beep,you can use the Mode button on the bottom right side to cycle through the hour,minutes,day,and date displays.

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  • How long does it take to set the time on Armitron watches?

  • This process takes just a few minutes and requires access to the watch and the correct time. While there are multiple Armitron watch models, the All-Sport models are often used. Multiple features can be set, but the most commonly set feature is the time.

  • How do I use the St/STP button on my Armitron watch?

  • Locate the St/Stp button on the top right side of the Armitron watch. Whenever you want to change a value, press the button until you reach the right number. If you need to reach an earlier time or day, keep pressing the button until it cycles over.

  • Is Armitron a good watch?

  • Armitron is a popular watch brand that carries many styles of analog and digital watches. While each model is slightly different, most follow similar instructions when you’re trying to set the time and date.

  • What is the difference between analog and digital Armitron watches?

  • Armitron digital watches use buttons to change the time and date, while analog watches use a rotating crown piece. Once you set your Armitron watch, you won’t lose track of the time again!


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