how to sync photos to apple watch

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  • How to sync photos from iPhone to watch?

  • To select an album to sync on Apple Watch: Open the Watch app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap Photos. Now tap synced album. Next select the album you鈥檇 wish to be synced, and the selected album will automatically sync with your Apple Watch.

  • How to save photos from iPhone to Apple Watch?

  • Similar to syncing music on the Apple Watch, users can choose how many photos (and how much memory that takes) to save on the device. Make a selection and tap the back arrow in the top left corner. Tap on Synced Album to choose which iPhone photo album to save on Apple Watch.

  • How many photos can I sync to my Apple Watch?

  • Read on as we show you how to sync your favorite photos to your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch can store up to 500 photos from your iPhone (as long as the feature is enabled the Photo app on your phone and the Photo app on your watch work seamlessly together).

  • How to set up photos on Apple Watch?

  • Configure the Photo App. Apple Watch app configuration is handled by the Watch app on your iPhone. Open up the Apple Watch app and scroll down until you see the entry for Photos. Select the Photos entry to access the configuration options for the mobile Photos app.


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