how to take ecg on apple watch

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Take an ECG on Apple WatchTap the ECG app (white icon with red heartbeat waveform)Make sure your Apple Watch is snug on your wristWith your arms relaxed on your lap or tabletop,hold the Digital Crown with your finger for 30 seconds (don鈥檛 depress the button)Keep your finger in place until the countdown is finished

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  • How to do an EKG on Apple Watch?

  • Open the ECG app on your Apple Watch. If you don’t see the app, in the Watch app go to My Watch Heart Install ECG App . Rest your arms on a steady surface, such as a table or in your lap. With your free hand (on the side you aren’t wearing your Apple Watch), hold your finger firmly on the Digital Crown .

  • How do I use the ECG app on my iPhone?

  • To use the ECG app, update your iPhone 6s or later to the latest version of iOS and Apple Watch to the latest version of watchOS. The ECG app is not available in all regions. Open the Health app on your iPhone, then follow the onscreen steps to set up ECG.

  • Does the Apple Watch Series 4 have an ECG?

  • The Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6 have a built-in ECG. The Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3, both of which are still available for sale as of early 2021, do not. Before using the ECG app, you need to enable it in the Health app on your iPhone. If you haven鈥檛 already done so, open the 鈥淗ealth鈥?app and tap 鈥淪et Up ECG app.鈥?/div>How to Share an ECG from Your Apple Watch with Your Doctor

  • How does the ECG app detect AFIB?

  • The ECG app records an electrocardiogram which represents the electrical pulses that make your heart beat. The ECG app checks these pulses to get your heart rate and see if the upper and lower chambers of your heart are in rhythm. If they鈥檙e out of rhythm, that could be AFib.


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