how to watch discovery plus on tv

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Use an HDMI cable to connect your desktop to your TV. Select the appropriate display in your display settings. If you have a dedicated video card,then you will have to select the TV through your video card鈥檚 control panel. Once selected,simply launch Discovery Plus in your browser to start watching immediately.

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  • How do I watch Discovery Plus on my Android TV?

  • You can stream content on the Discovery Plus app only after installing the app from the Play Store. To install the Discovery Plus on Android TV, locate the Play Store from your Android TV home screen, click on the 鈥楽earch鈥?icon from the top right.

  • How to watch Discovery Plus on TCL TV?

  • Then, return to your TCL or Hisense Roku TV-powered TV. Press the 鈥楬ome鈥?button on your remote, and then select 鈥?Streaming Channels 鈥?on the left-hand side. Scroll down to 鈥?Search Channels 鈥?and select this option. Use the input field you鈥檒l see on your screen to search for Discovery Plus.

  • What is Discovery plus?

  • Discovery+ is a streaming platform with over 55,000 episodes from 2,500 shows. You can watch nearly any way you choose: On your smart TV, the web, your smartphone, or your tablet. Here’s everything you need to know about the Discovery+ streaming service. What Content Does Discovery Plus Offer?

  • How to install Discovery Plus on Windows 10?

  • Search for 鈥?Discovery Plus,鈥?and you should see the app鈥檚 icon among search results. Select the app to open its overview and then select 鈥?Get.鈥?Once the app is ready for use, go ahead and open it. Log in by following the on-screen prompts.


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