how to watch instagram stories anonymously

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Watch Instagram stories anonymouslyStoriesig. …Weinstag. There is another tool called … is another good website where you can watch Instagram stories without revealing your identity.Chrome IG Story Extension. There is also a method that I talked about a previous post. …Story Saver App. …

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  • How can I view Instagram stories anonymously without them knowing?

  • Then switch on flight mode. This will allow you to view stories anonymously. Just be sure to close the app once you’re done so it doesn’t register that you’ve seen it. Some people choose to have a second anonymous account on Instagram. This would mean that you can also click on stories without people knowing who you are.

  • How to check if someone posted new stories on Instagram?

  • Enter a username to check whether someone posted new stories in the past 24 hours. No need to log in to your Instagram account. View Instagram stories anonymously on a web browser without a login Instagram account.

  • How does the story viewer for Instagram work?

  • Our innovative Story Viewer for Instagram will track every new Story a user you monitor has uploaded. You can monitor up to 100 profiles, and their Stories will be collected in your Inflact profile. No constant tracking. The subscription tariffs for the update autosave are:

  • How to download Instagram Stories from another account?

  • Go to in your browser (on phone or computer) and type the account鈥檚 username there and then tap on search. Step #3. Scroll down (past Highlights etc.). You will see the account鈥檚 Instagram story. Below the story, there is also a Save button to download it.


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