how to watch london new years eve fireworks online

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The Londonnew years eve fireworks can be normally be watched on TV,with excellent coverage via the BBC that is also available as an online webcast stream. This year the live broadcast of 2021 Highlights will be available on BBC and BBC Iplayer.

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  • Where can I watch the London New Year’s Eve fireworks for 2021/2022?

  • You can watch the London New Year’s Eve fireworks for 2021/2022 right here. As Big Ben struck midnight last night, the BBC brought in the New Year live from Embankment with London’s famous fireworks, one of the most spectacular firework displays to be seen anywhere in the world.

  • How can I watch the New Year’s Eve party in London?

  • The new years eve party in London is broadcast live to the nation by the national broadcaster the BBC on their main channel BBC1, which is now also available as a live stream and via a mobile app – see below for details on how to watch the festivities online this year.

  • What is the world record for New Year鈥檚 Eve fireworks?

  • Many will probably be surprised to hear that for new years eve 2019 the Dubai fireworks actually broke the world record for the largest display, surpassing even Sydney and watched worldwide via YouTube. Another record attempt is likely for 2022, and a live stream will be again be a feature, see the details here.

  • Can I see the London fireworks in person?

  • However, if you didn鈥檛 manage to get tickets to watch the fireworks display in person there are plenty of ways to still see and appreciate the show either at home or out and about in London.


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