how to watch netflix vr laying down

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  • How to watch Netflix in virtual reality?

  • Netflix VR is an app that lets users stream Netflix鈥檚 catalog of movies and TV shows through their virtual reality headset. Unlike the regular app interface, the Netflix VR app is optimized for watching in a headset. Once you are setup, you can watch Netflix in virtual reality easily.

  • How to watch movies while lying down in VR?

  • If you want, you can also enter the 鈥淰oid鈥?mode, where you can move the screen wherever you like (for watching while lying down for example). The app works well and has a massive content library with also some 360-degree experiences for VR users specifically.

  • Can you watch Netflix on Steam VR?

  • Steam VR doesn鈥檛 have a native Netflix VR app available to install. However, PC-based virtual reality headsets can still watch Netflix in virtual reality! To watch Netflix on the HTC Vive, you need to download a desktop sharing app such as Bigscreen VR or Virtual Desktop. These apps lets you mirror your computer desktop in virtual reality.

  • What movies can you watch in VR on Netflix?

  • From Ferris Bueller to Fantasia, here are the movies you need to stream in VR now. Netflix鈥檚 VR app is possibly the best reason to consider getting a Virtual Reality device. As another Christmas season has given many the gift of a phone upgrade, we imagine many of you have also received the gift of virtual reality.


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