how to watch pbs without cable

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YouTube TVis the first streaming channel bundle to get PBS stations. Watching PBS live without cable no longer requires an antenna or access to Locast. More than 100 PBS member stations are now streaming through YouTube TV,Google鈥檚 $5- per-month channel bundle.

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  • Can you watch PBS on YouTube TV without cable?

  • Of all the skinny-bundle services available, YouTube TV is your one and only option for watching PBS without cable. YouTube TV apps are available on multiple platforms, and the service has a free trial if you want to give it a whirl before committing any cash. If you鈥檙e looking to watch PBS for free, an over-the-air antenna may be your best option.

  • How can I watch PBS on TV?

  • We recommend YouTube TV for most viewers. You’ll be able to watch PBS and 32 of the Top 35 Cable channels. E! The availability of PBS will vary by market and streaming service.

  • What devices can I use to watch PBS?

  • PBS does have a digital streaming app that provides video on demand on your TV, phone, or tablet. It’s called PBS Anywhere, and it’s compatible with several different platforms: Amazon Fire TV. Apple TV. Roku. Android TV and Android devices. iOS devices.

  • Can I watch PBS with Hulu Live TV?

  • Can I watch PBS with Hulu Live TV? Hulu Live TV does not offer PBS with the streaming service.


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