how to watch regular tv on roku

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  • How do I watch the Roku channel on Roku?

  • Use the tabs at the bottom to navigate between free, premium, and live TV programming. You can stream the Roku Channel from any Roku device or Roku smart TV, of course, in addition to watching it from a web browser or mobile device.

  • What is the live TV Zone on Roku?

  • Roku鈥檚 Live TV Zone is a section of the navigation menu that provides you with live TV options from different sources. You鈥檒l automatically see any free options, such as The Roku Channel, ABC News Live, Adventure Sports Network and many more. Aside from that, the Live TV Zone also shows premium choices for live TV.

  • What is the best deal available for live TV on Roku?

  • Philo is the best deal available for live TV on Roku, but it has its limits. There is currently just one subscription option, which gives you 59 premium channels for only $20 per month.

  • How to go back to regular TV with Roku?

  • Therefore, in order to go back to regular TV, you can always just use your remote to switch the source from your USB Roku player back to your regular cable input. Here鈥檚 something very interesting that you can sometimes do on certain TVs.


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