how to watch youtube on a school computer

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One way you can access YouTube at school is by usingGoogle Translateto trick the school鈥檚 website blocker. To make your computer think it鈥檚 using a Google page instead of YouTube,go to in your web browser and change the language on the left-hand box to anything except 鈥淒etect language.鈥?

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  • How to access YouTube at school?

  • How to Access YouTube at School. Explore this Article. methods. 1 Using Google Translate. 2 Using a Proxy Site. 3 Using Your Phone as a Wireless Hotspot. 4 Downloading the Video. 5 Utilizing the Command Prompt (Windows) 6 Finding Alternative Video Sites.

  • How do I watch YouTube videos on my TV using PC?

  • This allows you to watch YouTube videos on your television using your computer鈥檚 Web browser. You can buy PPV content or movies on PC or Mac, iOS or Android and then access the content on most current versions of the YouTube app, by navigating to your Library and then to Purchases.

  • How to watch YouTube Kids on PC?

  • Finally, double-click the YouTube Kids app and start watching. If you find this installation process complicated, or you simply don鈥檛 want to dedicate so much of your storage to the app, you can still use your PC to watch YouTube Kids. You can use any browser to access it.

  • How do I download a converted YouTube video to my computer?

  • The converted YouTube video will download to your computer. Once the download is complete, you can watch the video by double-clicking the file name. Download Documents by Readle from the App Store. This is a free app will allow you to easily download files (such as videos you鈥檝e converted) and view them on your iPhone or iPad.


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