is blood oxygen on apple watch accurate

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Not medically accurate

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  • Which Apple Watches can monitor blood oxygen levels?

  • Currently, the Apple Watch 6 and 7 are the only ones capable of monitoring blood oxygen levels. You can imagine the Apple Watch 8 and the next-generation Apple Watch SE will also pack the sensor technology when they arrive on the scene, too. The Blood Oxygen app is available in certain countries and regions, which you can check here.

  • How do I set up blood oxygen on my Apple Watch?

  • *The Blood Oxygen app is not available if you set up your Apple Watch with Family Setup. On your iPhone, open the Health app. Follow the onscreen steps. If you don’t see a prompt to set up, tap the Browse tab, then tap Respiratory Blood Oxygen Enable.

  • Is the Apple Watch Series 6’s blood oxygen feature really revolutionary?

  • Apple announced last week the release of Apple Watch Series 6 (AW6) which features a revolutionary Blood Oxygen feature. That raised some questions: How accurate or useful (or revolutionary) is that blood oxygen feature? Should those who can afford the $399 rush out and buy one? Can the future of health really be on our wrist?

  • How accurate is the Apple Watch Series 6鈥檚 blood saturation measurement?

  • The Watch Series 6 also measures red and infrared lights鈥?refraction, rather than measuring the light itself. This methodology makes the Apple Watch even less accurate. Multiple studies have found that outside light can easily skew the results of blood saturation tests using refracted light.


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