is game of thrones worth watching

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  • Is the final season of game of Thrones worth watching?

  • The final season of the show has gotten referenced a few times, but if there is anything that harms the legacy of GoT and stops it from being perhaps the most excellent show ever, it is the final season. Not only does the final season need more episodes, but even the stuff in those episodes gets rushed somehow (namely Daenerys’ mad Queen moment).

  • How well do you know game of Thrones?

  • Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama series aired on HBO. It is based on the book A song of ice and fire by George R.R. Martin. This series is created by David Benioff and D.B Weiss. This series has 8 seasons to date. First of all, the characters are very interesting.

  • Is’game of Thrones’the best show on TV?

  • However, the other side of that argument is that when Game Of Thrones is at its worst, that is often still higher quality than most television show’s best. There are no episodes where absolutely every part is terrible.

  • Why do people love game of Thrones so much?

  • Medieval drama is a genre we get precious little of on television (or in movies, for that matter), and Game of Thrones has nearly 10 hours of it. Plus, the series of books boasts fans who are as serious about the happenings in Westeros 鈥?where most of the book’s action takes place 鈥?as any hardcore Trekkie or Star Wars geek is about those sagas. 2.


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