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  • Is the expanse worth the watch?

  • The Expanse is such a wonderfully realised, affectingly believable, deceptively smart, and really damn engrossing show that it’s far too easy to forget that you’re watching a piece of speculative fiction.

  • What do you think about the expanse?

  • Seriously, Ive not had this much fun watching a sci-fi series since the BSG reboot, its been a long time coming and finally ive been satisfied with the Expanse. Thank you!! Realistic effects (finally!), strong characters, brilliant storytelling about a solar system with its splintered, warring factions 200 years in the future.

  • Is’the expanse’worth watching?

  • All in all, The Expanse is a missed opportunity, at least based on the pilot. This could have been more appealing with a stylized visual approach or a novel tone but instead it’s sci-fi-by-numbers. Their adventures are action-packed but their relationships with one another make every episode compelling.

  • Does the Expanse have an X-ray bonus?

  • Technically, The Expanse has done some X-Ray bonus content before, offering a chance to go behind the scenes, and you鈥檒l find a bunch of other aftershow content floating around the internet as well:


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