when is apple watch 8 coming out

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September 2022

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  • Is the Apple Watch Series 8 coming this fall?

  • In 2020, Apple surprised many by adding the Apple Watch SE as well as Series 6. If Gurman is right, this Fall will offer us Apple Watch Series 8, a new version of Apple Watch SE and a wholly new Watch, designed with ruggedness in mind, to appeal to those keen on extreme sports.

  • When will watchOS 8 be available for Apple Watch?

  • watchOS 8 is available as a free software update starting today for Apple Watch Series 3 models and later. For more information, visit apple.com/watchos/watchos-8 . Apple Fitness+ updates will be available beginning Monday, September 27.

  • How much will the Apple Watch 8 cost?

  • Likely around $399 / 369 / AU$599 There鈥檚 no news yet on when the Apple Watch 8 might be announced, but this is one thing that we can take a good guess at, as other than the original model they鈥檝e all been announced in September of their release years, and in most cases have gone on sale in the same month.

  • When can you pre-order the Apple Watch 8?

  • More specifically, based on past form we鈥檇 expect Apple will unveil the Apple Watch 8 on either the first or second Tuesday in September, so September 6 or September 13. There鈥檚 a good chance that you鈥檒l then be able to pre-order it on the Friday of that week (September 9 or 16) and that it will ship the following Friday (September 16 or 23).


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