where can i watch american history x

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AmericanHistory X is available to watch and stream,download,buy on demand at HBO Max,Amazon,Vudu,Google Play,Microsoft Movies TV,iTunes,YouTube VOD online.

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  • What is your review of the movie American History X?

  • A powerful and poignant film, American History X, starring Edward Norton and Edward Furlong, is an amazing film that explores many different parts of the the human existence. Writing and filming that is unsurpassed, Mr. Norton once again excels in a role that requires him to have different personality traits through out the it.

  • How long is American History X (and why)?

  • American History X (8,137) Logo Imdb Outline Logo Imdb Outline 8.51 h 58 min1998X-RayR Academy Award-nominee Edward Norton delivers a searing performance as a former neo-Nazi skinhead who now struggles to prevent his younger brother from following in his footsteps.

  • What is the error code for American History X?

  • Please reference 鈥淓rror Code 2121鈥?when contacting customer service. American History X doesn’t contend with its subject matter as fully as it could, but Edward Norton’s performance gives this hard-hitting drama crucial weight. Read critic reviews

  • Who is the Best Actor in American History X?

  • Edward Norton (as Derrick) is superb in American History X, rightly receiving an Oscar nomination for the role. Supporting actors Edward Furlong (Danny), Beverly D’Angelo (the boys’ mother), and Avery Brooks as Dr. Sweeney (the boys’ high school teacher) also shine.


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