where can i watch clone high

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Currently you are able to watchClone High streaming on MTV,Paramount Plus or buy it as download on Apple iTunes,Google Play Movies,Amazon Video,Microsoft Store.

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  • What shows are similar to Clone High?

  • That show, although different, was like Clone High in that it catered to humor that isn’t so mainstream as, say, Friends humor or something. Not that Friends isn’t a funny show, but Clone High and Invader ZIM both have a unique humor to them that is rare on TV nowadays.

  • What happens in Clone High?

  • Clone High refuses to let women or animals play basketball, so Joan devises a plan to become a member of the team, turning Abe Weakest Lincoln into a jealous wreck. The PXJTs are just around the corner, Abe learns the hard way that being Cleo’s study partner means being deeply sleep deprived, and a truck driver takes Gandhi under his wing.

  • Where are the Clones now 16 years later?

  • It is 16 years later, and the clones are now in high school. The five main characters are Abe Lincoln, an all around nice but naive guy who lusts after the school sexpot Cleopatra, who is dating the macho JFK.

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