where can i watch undercover brother

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Undercover Brother is available to watch free onTubi TV. It’s also available to stream, download and buy on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft Movies TV, YouTube VOD and Vudu.

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  • How long is the movie Undercover Brother?

  • Undercover Brother (2002) PG-13 | 1h 26min | Action, Comedy | 31 May 2002 (USA) When The Man tries to derail a black candidate’s presidential campaign, Undercover Brother and his fellow secret agents come to the rescue.

  • Who is Undercover Brother?

  • When the Afro-American candidate Gen. Warren Boutwell behaves strangely in his presidential campaign, Undercover Brother is hired to work undercover for The Man and find what happened with the potential candidate.

  • Is’Undercover Brother’worth watching?

  • I first saw Undercover Brother on cable a few years ago and since then it’s become one of my favorite comedies of recent years. Though it’s basically a blaxploited version of the Austin Powers concept, Undercover Brother is funny enough to be enjoyable on its own merits.

  • Why is Undercover Brother rated 12 in the UK?

  • Early in the credits, Undercover Brother gets his convertible washed at the car wash with the top down. For the UK DVD release Universal chose to cut 14 sec. from the outtakes (two uses of very strong language) to keep the 12 rating.


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