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  • Where can I watch Kingsman in the UK?

  • The latest entry in the Kingsman franchise is the prequel The King’s Man, and it’s now available to watch on Disney+ in the UK. The action spy comedy originally released in cinemas on Boxing Day, but is now available to stream directly from your living room (no fancy suit required).

  • When will the King鈥檚 Man be on Netflix?

  • (Disney+, Netflix, Hulu鈥? The King鈥檚 Man will be the third movie in the Kingsman franchise after it鈥檚 released on December 22nd, 2021. It will be a prequel to the first movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and it has a 45-day window before it can be released on any streaming platform.

  • When is the King’s Man released in the UK?

  • The King’s Man finally released on 22 December 2021 in the US and 26 December 2021 in the UK. The prequel film was delayed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors.

  • Is the King鈥檚 Man a prequel?

  • Only one man, Orlando Oxford, stands between them and all-out war. The King鈥檚 Man stars Ralph Fiennes as Orlando Oxford and Gemma Arterton as Polly Watkins. The film is the third installment in the Kingsman movie franchise. It serves as a prequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.


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