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If you want all of the latest bells and whistles for the best price,the aluminum 鈥?strong>AppleWatch Series 6鈥?models are going to be your best bet. The aluminum Apple Watch is the Apple Watch that we recommend for most people given its rich feature set,its light weight,and its affordable price point.

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  • Which Apple Watch should you buy?

  • We Gadget Labbies all agree: If you have an iPhone, the Apple Watch is the best wearable to go with it. This year, Apple released two versions, the Series 6 and the SE. It’s also continuing to sell the old Series 3. All these watches look the same, more or less.

  • What is the best smartwatch to buy?

  • Apple Watch 3 The Apple Watch 3 (or Apple Watch Series 3, if you’re picky) was once the very best smartwatch, but it has since been bumped down by the Apple Watch 4, 5, 6, and 7, as well as the SE. That said, it’s still a great device, especially as it’s now cheaper than ever.

  • What is the latest and greatest Apple Watch?

  • The latest and greatest Apple Watch is the Apple Watch Series 5. It features a stunning design and an always-on display. It’s not the biggest update over the Series 4, but the small things make a difference.

  • Is the Apple Watch Series 3 the best cheap smartwatch?

  • The Apple Watch Series 3 is one of the best cheap smartwatches and best fitness trackers around. It delivers many of the same fitness-tracking and heart-health features that we love about the Series 5 and 6, making it a great choice if you鈥檙e in the market for a versatile workout companion.


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