why cant the watcher interfere

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Marvel didn’t want them to

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  • Will the Watcher be in what if?

  • Star Jeffrey Wright Teases The Watcher May Interfere With MCU Events Jeffrey Wright teases that his character, The Watcher, may actually get involved in the events that take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jeffrey Wright, voice of The Watcher in Marvel’s What If…? has teased that he could be more involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • Why did the Watchers make a policy of non interference?

  • This policy of non-interference was due to a well-meaning attempt by the Watchers to bestow knowledge on another race which resulted in that race destroying itself.

  • Does the Watcher interfere in the Marvel Comics?

  • The Watcher does sometimes interfere in the Marvel comics. But Uatu the Watcher, whose job it is to observe and record all that happens on Earth, disagrees with this decree. He actually fights his fellow Watchers numerous times because he believes that when a Watcher sees some way they can help, they should.

  • Why did the Watchers not help the proscilians?

  • However, after the Watchers tried to help the next oldest species, the Proscilians, with some knowledge, the Proscilians essentially blew themselves to extinction in nuclear warfare. So the Watchers vowed never to interfere again.


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